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Last week I received a signed copy of Jim Chapman’s new book #147things which was kindly sent to me by this amazing PR team. I’ve never written a book review on my blog before so for this to be sent to be was a lovely surprise and I couldn’t wait to start writing this post. #147things covers a vast range of topics, the book is claimed to cover everything from ‘black holes to belly buttons’, what more could you want from a book?



Throughout the book without giving too much away Jim talks about wide subjects such as the human brain, life and death, birth, childhood, adolescence, the human body, animals, fears, annoyances and grievances, myths, lies and legends and finally reasons to be cheerful. Personally I love the way the book is written, it is written with loads of asides (a term for when the author talks directly to the audience) and lots and lots of comedy. This book is perfect for the ages of 12+ as it is an easy read with entertainment and education combined. If pointless facts, humour and the personal depths of someone else’s life is your thing? This book is definitely one for you. I’ll be honest and say that I wouldn’t normally read a book like this, nor would I go into a store and think that’s the book I am going to buy today but I have been pleasantly surprised and would love to read more autobiographical books in this style of writing.



The book also came with some cute little notecards/postcards with some awesome illustrations on, the stress crab was my personal favourite. #147things is now available to buy on Amazon and other leading book stores and I’m not going to lie being one of the first to receive this book was pretty damn cool.

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