3 ways to remove your make-up with N0.7

About a month ago I started a new job working on both the N0.7 and the Clarins counter in my local Boots store. Working on these counters has meant that I have become increasingly aware of all of their products on the market so I thought I would share with you today my top 3 products for removing your make-up from the Beautiful Skin range by N0.7. All products by N0.7 are hypo-allergenic which means they are suitable for all skin types and no harsh chemical are used.

Probably my favourite way to remove my make-up at the moment is by using the Melt Gel Cleanser by N0.7. This product is incredible and such a unique way of removing your make-up. The product consists of a gel like formula which when massaged into your face creates an oil like substance which instantly removes all of your make-up. To removed the oil/gel simply either wipe off with a flannel or cotton pad, or wash your face with warm water. This process is so easy and one that I have been loving as it means you don’t have to use any other products after to make sure that your skin is all clean. The Melt Gel Cleanser is exclusively available at Boots along with the rest of the range and is only £9.50.

Micellar water has become an increasingly popular way of removing your make-up for a past year, in fact I think every skincare range has now launched their own version of the micellar water. After being incredibly impressed which the melt Gel Cleanser I thought I would give the N0.7 Micellar water a try, which is also from the Beautiful Skin range by N0.7. Personally after the whole Micellar water craze, I haven’t managed to find a micellar water which works any differently from another but saying that my two favourites are the Garnier Micellar water and the N0.7 Beautiful Skin Micellar water. Micellar water makes taking your make-up off really easy which is just something I love. If make-up wipes aren’t your thing then Micellar water is the next best thing for an easy way of removing your make-up. Simply put some of the water onto a cotton pad and remove all your make-up away. I tend to usually wash my face after but that’s only if I’m feeling super motivated. This is priced at £8.50.

And finally make-up wipes. These are probably the most expensive make-up wipes I’ve ever owned in my entire life. Usually I just buy the £1 ones and hope for the best but these Quick Thinking Make-up Wipes are £7 a pack. Yes you read that right, £7. Luckily throughout the year Boots give out N0.7 vouchers with your purchase which means that you can get £5 off any Skincare product and £3 off any make-up product, making the wipes a more reasonable £2. If you love these wipes as much as I do head over to your local boots store and stock up whilst you can! I have to say these wipes are really good at removing all of your make-up without the fuse of washing your face etc.. but at the same time I would never pay £7 for a pack of make-up wipes especially at the rate I get through them.

Due to the vouchers being out at the moment I managed to pick up the Melt Gel Cleanser for £4.50, the Micellar water for £3.50 and the wipes for £2. If you want to bag yourself some really good deals like this make sure you collect all your N0.7 vouchers up. Disclaimer: only one voucher can be used per transaction.

All N0.7 Skincare products are also on 3 for 2 currently at Boots.



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