My favourites at Pixi Beauty have kindly sent me four of their summer essential products and I super excited to share them with you. Pixi is one of my favourite ever make-up/skincare brands as they are cruelty free and have an awesome PR team. Let’s get our #PixiGlow on! The lovelies at Pixi Beauty have sent me the ‘Quick Fix Powder’ which has no-colour and is completely translucid. This was a blessing to receive in the post the other day as I was desperate for a translucent setting powder for my holiday. This ‘Quick Fix Powder’ is definitely one of my summer essentials as setting your make-up is probably my most important step, especially in the summer. Even though I won’t be going anywhere hot for my holiday I will be still be needing a setting powder to stop my make-up from sliding in the wind. The ‘Quick Fix Powder’… View Post

Pixi Beauty have kindly sent me a few of their new products to try and I am really excited about them. This time I have received there new Lip and Cheek products. They have just launched their new GelTint & SilkGloss duos in the shades; BeachTint and FreshGloss, PinkTint and PrettyGloss and finally BerryTint and SweetGloss. These are all priced at £14 each, however if you sign up with your email address for updates you will receive 10% off your order. The GelTint is a lip stain in three different colours orange, hot pink and a dark nude. The SilkGloss are in the shades brown-y nude, pale pink shimmer and a light berry gloss. These combinations are the perfect colours for the summer and I love the how vibrant they all are. If you are going to wear both the lip tint and the gloss I would recommend leaving the tint… View Post

I apologise for the lack of posts in the last few months, I have been spending all of my spare time revising for my AS level exams which I finished sitting on Friday. However, I am now back with an exciting collaborations with one of my all time favourite skincare and make-up brands PixiByPetra who sent me all these products in a box shaped like a make-up wardrobe. It was incredible and I honestly can’t be more thankful. The first blogger/social media influencer that PixiByPetra collaborated which on this new range of products was, It’sJudyTime. Together they created two 12 hade palettes, one eyeshadow palette and another a lip palette with some beautiful and wearable colours.  The ‘Get The Look – It’s Eye Time Palette’ is available on the website currently for £28. These colours are really easy to wear and highly pigmented. This palette is also perfect for taking away with you… View Post

Today I received my first, very own Glow Kit, all the way from America courtesy of my Dad (Thanks Dad). I was originally unsure of what glow kit to get as they are all so unique and lovely. I was torn between the Ultimate Glow kit and this one the limited edition Glow Kit by Nicole Guerriero but am thrilled with my choice. This glow kit definitely has my favourite packaging ever as it is a baby pink with sparkles all over it. This girl loves glitter! This Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is currently only available at Sephora and the ABH website although I’m sure it will make its way to the UK soon, (I hope so anyway) and is currently priced at $40. This glow kit comes with six individual highlight shades which are all gorgeous in their own little way. From left to right the first row contains… View Post

Over the Christmas break I was so busy with work that I completely forgot to purchase anything from the Lush Christmas range. Luckily my Mum was ahead of the game and gave me the Snow Fairy Gift Box for Christmas. This contains the famous Snow Fairy shower gel, the Snow Fairy body conditioner, the Magic Wand bubble bar and the Father Christmas bath bomb. The Snow Fairy scent has to be my all time favourite Lush scent followed by The Comforter which is a close second. The Snow Fairy scent smells of sweeties and candyfloss, it really is an incredible one. There is no real way my words could ever put it into a description that would justify it. You simply just have to smell it for yourself. The shower gel was the first snow fairy product that they released but they have now released the body conditioner which is heaven. With… View Post