Cream contour kits.. how long have I been wanting one of these for? I honestly have lost count. Last year for Christmas I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit which I loved and have used thoroughly so of course I wanted to give the cream one a go. I decided to go for the fair contour kit as I don’t like to have my contour too extreme and I have to say this one is perfect for me. The contour kit includes 6 different shades, 3 skin tone/highlight shades and 3 contour shades. I have to say my two favourite shades have to be Soft Light and Fawn as for me they are the most everyday/wearable shades that I can wear to college etc.. However the darker shades are amazing for if you are going out to an event or party as they look a little bit more… View Post

Pixi By Petra have been absolute babes this year. The other day I received another blogger mail package from them which contained four products from their skincare range. I was so happy and overwhelmed when I received this package as I have been wanting to try out their skincare range for a while now as I have heard many good things about them. The four products they sent me to try out was the Glowtion Day Dew, the Glow Mist, the 24K Eye Elixir and the Beauty Sleep Cream which is not currently on their website. The Glowtion Day Dew was the first product I tried out. It really hydrated my skin and added that glow that everyone desires to have when they wake up in the morning. I topped that off with the Glow Mist which really softened my skin before applying my make-up. You can use the Glow… View Post

Last week I received the best blogger mail package any blogger could only ever wish for. I received a surprise package from Pixi By Petra Beauty which contained a variety of make-up for me to try out. I was so shocked when I received this package as I had no clue I was going to be getting this delivery at all. Inside the box was four different make-up items for me to try. The first item I picked up was the Fairy Dust Favourites in the shades Metallic Warmth. Now these are a selection of five shimmery pigments all in one column a bit like those crayons you used to get as a child. The net price for these is £12 which is amazing! The quality and pigmentation of these shades are incredibly even without an eye primer. Only a small amount of each pigment is needed to create a… View Post

I never usually post negative reviews of products on my blog but I feel as though this one should be addressed. Recently I picked up some Nip And Fab products from a goodie bag I received at a blogger event. I had heard they were a really good skin brand and I had seen many positive things said about them. Sunday night I had had a shower and decided to use the Glycolic Instant Fix Face Mask for the second time. This time my face came up in a bright red rash with a burning/itching sensation. I instantly went to wash it off with cold water to revealed that where ever I had placed the facemask on my face had come up in a bright red rash that carried a lot of heat. My face continued to stay red for a couple of hours until it started to finally go… View Post

I have been looking to dye my hair a very light pink/peach tone for quite a while now. The last time I dyed my hair like this was when I used the Pixie Lott dye range. Many people have been telling me to use Bleach London for the next time around, so when I saw it in Boots I thought I would give it a go. I’m not one for dying my hair bright colour but I do like experimenting with lighter ones so that it looks as though my hair is highlighted. When I went into Boots they only had the shade Rose available so that’s the one I picked up to try out. To use this product, simply wash and towel dry your hair like normal before massaging the colour into your hair. I have to say I would recommend using a brush/comb instead as my scalp is… View Post