Hello m’lovelies, Happy New Year, all you fellow bloggers ‘n readers. Another year? How weird is that? I feel like last year went so fast, especially the last few months. It’s back to school on Monday for me, so it’s likely that I’m not going to be as active but I will try (m’apologies). Seeing as I haven’t be out recently, due to my stacks of homework. I thought I would share with you tonight’s sunset. I missed last nights sunset, which was rather disappointing as it’s my favourite time of day, but I’m sure this one was just as beautiful. I took some photo’s just on my iPhone and I thought I would share the whole photo set on here. So if you follow my instagram you would of seen them earlier. (@alex.rooke) Well there is a few of my photos of today’s sunset and like I said it’s… View Post

Hello m’lovelies, I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas this holidays and got everything you wished for. I wanted to share with you some of the stuff I got this Christmas. This is probably the only photo of my Christmas tree this year and it just shows how excited I was. I thought I might as well feature East Grinstead’s Christmas Lights. This year they were so pretty, much nicer than in previous years. Anyway as my main present from my parents I got my Original Doc Martens, in Matt Black. I have been wanting these for a very long time and I was overjoyed to have finally of got them. They are possibly the most gorgeous shoes I have ever owned. Who needs heels when you have Docs eh? Probably what I love the most about Black Docs is that they go with pretty much anything and… View Post

Hello m’lovelies, As you all know, my room has been, being decorated for the last few weeks. Well it is finally finished and I thought I would share with you today some of the things I bought to go in my room. I’ll start off with the walls. I painted three of that walls in my room white and one then pink, as you can see in the picture. I used a fondant fancy pink from Dullex, which we got specially mixed to go with some other items in my room. This time last year, I purchased my bed, now there is a little story about this. I came home one day from school to find out that my mum had sold my single bed on eBay. I then slept on my mattress in my room for about 6 weeks before me new bed arrived. This is a small double… View Post