2016 was most possibly the worst year of my life so far. Losing my best friend to cancer was a huge shock to me even though I knew it was going to happen eventually. Everything that went on his year took a toll on my mental health and it is only now that I am getting it back on track. Saying all of that many good things happened this year which I am extremely proud of. 2016 was the year of the dreaded GCSE exams which at the time everyone including myself and my teachers all thought I wouldn’t pass  due to my circumstances. However I blew everyone away on results day by passing everything with a C grade or above. I’ve never been more proud of myself. I got a job! I know this happened at the end of the year but it has made me so much happier. Giving… View Post

Christmas 2016 has been amazing and definitely full of some surprises. This year I was very grateful for everything I received and I am still in shock to this day. The first gift that I received was the iPhone SE in Space Grey which was such an amazing gift to get as about 3 months ago I managed to blow up my iPhone 6S and I thought I was going to be phone free for around a year but no, now I have a new phone which I am so excited about. I also received a classic Pandora Bracelet with the hanging ‘A’ charm which is really cute. Probably my all time favourite gift that I will ever receive is tickets to see Adele live at Wembley Arena. I have never been so shocked in my entire life and now I have something super excited to look forward to in 6… View Post

  Christmas is just around the corner so I thought would share with you some of my gift ideas for ‘her’. All these gifts can make perfect stocking fillers or the perfect little gifts. All of the gifts shown above are priced between £8-£51. In this gift guide there is a variety of different gifts, big and small meaning there is something for everyone. Now this is just an idea of what to buy this Christmas but I’m sure this can lead you in some sort of direction to help you out. Places such as Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams do gift sets which can make life that little bit easier when stuck for what to buy; they are always my first go to place every Christmas for picking up the bargains. I hope this gift guide was useful and I gave you some ideas of what to buy for people this… View Post

Ever since Matt, one of my best friends passed away this year, I have suffered with bereavement issues. The hardest thing for me was the fact that I didn’t get to see him before he passed. Of course I went to his funeral and said goodbye then, but I never really felt that I got closure due to the fact that everything happened so quickly. It was also a really busy and important time in my life as I was taking all of my GCSE exams. As the holidays approach many people begin to miss their loved ones more and it can be hard to celebrate in the full Christmas spirit knowing that they aren’t going to be around. I know for a fact that I will be missing Matt this Christmas as his beaming spirit was always something I looked forward to seeing around school. When Matt died I had a whole range of emotions going around… View Post

Yesterday I headed up to London for a really exciting event. I was meeting the one and only Kat Von D. I have been a fan of her make-up for quite a while now as I purchased some a few months ago when I was in the states. To get your hands on your wristband you had to purchase an item from her make-up which had just launched in the UK. This entitled you to see Kat Von D. When I arrived at the Debenhams in Oxford Street at 8.45am, we were met by crowds and crowds of people. Luckily we had already purchased our items so we had already got our wristbands for the meet and greet. This meant that we didn’t have to queue twice. Once you had queued to go to her make-up counter you where then told to go and queue outside the building which went… View Post