How to style yellow this season



Yellow is so on trend and I am definitely on board. Here are my top picks from the yellow trend with ideas and inspiration on how to style them.


Lazy Oaf – Moody Mustard Skirt – £60

I love this skirt however it is a little bit pricey. Usually not the sort of thing that I would go for although I have fully fallen in love with the colour and all the beautiful details on it. This take on the Denim Button-Up skirt is lovely and well worth the £60 for this statement piece. What I love the most about this skirt is the Mustard colour as it can be worn in both all year round. This skirt would look lovely with ankle boots and a fluffy jumper in autumn/winter and a crop top and trainers in spring/summer. At £60 this would be a beautiful investment for an all year round piece. Also the smiley and moody faces on the heart shape pockets are super, super cute.




Zara – Crossbody Bag with Metal Detail – £17.99

I love this bargain bag from Zara! It is also very similar to the Vivienne Westwood bag which will set you back over £100 although with this Zara dupe you can get the same style for under £20. The gorgeous Vivienne bag can be seen on the Caitlin Porter from Glorious Chic (pictures below), also make sure you check out her blog whilst you are at it! Back to the Zara dupe, if you’re not really sure if yellow is YOUR colour but still want to keep on trend I would definitely recommend purchasing a bag like this one as its a subtle way of adding a bit of colour to your outfits. I have to admit I wasn’t really sure on the yellow either when it first became popular but I have a new found love for it after finding out that I do actually suit it when styled right. Also £17.99 for a Zara bag is a pretty awesome deal and I will definitely be purchasing as soon as payday comes around. This can easily be styled next to any outfit of choice but can be easily pulled off with a pair of jeans and floral shirt.



Newlook – Yellow Suedette Biker Jacket – £39.99

This statement piece is for you yellow lovers who are feeling brave. This is quite an ‘out there’ piece for me to pick out but I really have fallen in love with it. I’m not sure if I will buy this jacket in this colour but I definitely do like the idea of it. Quite frankly I’m not sure if the yellow will suit me being so close to my hair but there is only one way to find out. For a statement piece in your wardrobe £40 is actually very reasonable which is why I feel this piece will appeal to so many people. Also its a jacket that can be worn comfortably in autumn and spring as its cold enough for a jacket but not too cold if you know what I mean? This is the perfect yellow statement piece. This can be styled with anything really however I feel it will look the best with a classic pair of jeans or some patterned trousers if you are feeling funky.



I’ve also be taking some inspiration from the one and only pinterest which can be seen below in trend board. Even Gigi is diggin’ the yellow trend!



Are you brave enough to go all out like Gigi or will you be sticking to the statement pieces like me?



  1. August 12, 2017 / 3:50 am

    Yellow has been my favorite color this season! This post is so on point!

  2. August 14, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    Love how youve done this post! Yellow is having such a moment, makes me happy. Got my eye on that Zara bag such a bargain. X


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