Ikea is my soulmate

Hello m’lovelies,
As you all know, my room has been, being decorated for the last few weeks. Well it is finally finished and I thought I would share with you today some of the things I bought to go in my room.

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I’ll start off with the walls. I painted three of that walls in my room white and one then pink, as you can see in the picture. I used a fondant fancy pink from Dullex, which we got specially mixed to go with some other items in my room.

This time last year, I purchased my bed, now there is a little story about this. I came home one day from school to find out that my mum had sold my single bed on eBay. I then slept on my mattress in my room for about 6 weeks before me new bed arrived. This is a small double bed and it’s the perfect size for my room as it’s quite small and I know this is supposed to be a post about Ikea but I got this bed from Bensons for Beds.


Anyway I got my bed duvet cover from Ikea, this time last year but they unfortunately they don’t sell it, which is a shame because it is so lovely. This is a double duvet set, as that’s what my bed fits and it was around £20. Ikea do some lovely bed sets for a reasonable price.

Next I’m going to talk about the other furniture in my room, now I got my wardrobe from Homebase. I got my wardrobe for around £150. We spend ages looking for a wardrobe to fit in my room, as there isn’t a lot of room however this one fits perfectly.


I also got these bookshelves from Ikea for £12 each and they were easy to build however I messed one of them up and made some holes in the front of it (oops). I also got my desk for Ikea, now this desk matches my bookshelves. We also purchased a desk extension which I got in June, it has one shelve that runs along the top and three to one side and then a whiteboard (which is also magnetic).


Next I am going to talk about some of the accessories for my room. I purchased the cutest cacti in the loveliest pots for £4.50. They make my so happy as potted plants are like my favourite ever thing. Anyway these were from Ikea and like I said they were only £4.50 and I think that is very reasonable. I also got my fairy lights from Ikea. These are white fairy lights with frosted glass heart shaped cases. I purchased these for £15 around the same time I bought my desk. I also purchased my bin and matching pencil pot from Ikea as well. These were around £4 but I don’t exactly know the price.

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Candles. I love candles. They always smell so lovely all time of year, even in the summer. I got both of these candles from yet again Ikea. One of them is a Vanilla scented candle and it came in a glass pot. It was only 98p. Only 98p. I was shocked too. The next candle, is a Pink Blush candle and this comes in a larger pot with glass lid. This one was around the £2 mark and I still think that is very reasonable.


Now my bunting I purchased from a little shop in the town Holt, in the center on Norfolk. It’s been a tradition for a few years that myself, my mum, nanny and sister, all go up to Norfolk. for a week in the summer holidays. Next year will be the 10th year and I am really looking forward to it. Anyway these were from Absolutely Fabrics and were £9.99. The patterns and colours are super cute and they go so well in my room.

10859428_1568310683382405_914766274_n 10866766_1568310570049083_1380256317_n (1)

The wooden hearts (which are placed next to my mirror and above my bed), are from Primark an were a couple of pounds each. I bought these last Christmas to go in my room. Primark actually a have a pretty amazing home wear section; people should really give them more credit. I love these as they are quite vintage and are just super lovely.

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So like I said before, most of this stuff came from Ikea with the odd piece coming from somewhere else. If you want any more information about anything in my room, please comment below or contact me on one of my social networks.

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Until next time,



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