“Black is such a happy colour, Darling”

Hello m’lovelies,

As many of you may of noticed, Newlook is my favourite shop at the moment. I decided as my room won’t be finished until this coming weekend that I would do a post on my favourite shop. I went into Newlook the other day and I tried on the most gorgeous dress ever and I definitely wanted to share it with you guys. I posted this photo on my instagram account @alex.rooke on Sunday but some of you guys don’t follow that so I am going to share it with you now.

It’s a black midi dress, with a very low cut v-neck. I haven’t got the largest of chests although I still liked the dress on me. Midi dresses definitely suit my body type more than any other dress, although everyone is different. Personally, I think Midi dresses are more sophisticated and modest, even though this dress have a very low front.


I have completely fallen in love with this dress and I may buy it for New Years. Newlook are selling some seriously lovely clothes at the moment so I would definitely recommend popping into your nearest store or looking online as there is something for everyone.


I am loving Monochrome this season, all my clothes are black. It’s actually becoming hard to buy clothes that aren’t black with all these lovely clothes out there.

I also fell in love with this top whilst I was doing my rounds. Pugs are literally the ugliest, cutest animals around and they are featuring quite a bit on Christmas tops this year. I have noticed that Topshop are doing a cute one.


I will keep you updated on how my room is coming along, I may be putting up my Christmas Tree soon as well, so follow my instagram @alex.rooke for updates.

Until next time,



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