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I know I said the other day that I wasn’t too keen on Lush anymore but I was mainly talking about bath bombs in particular. The other day my Nanny came down with a little bag of Lush goodies for me. This contained two bath melts and a body moisturiser/lotion.




The first bath melt I received was the YOU’VE BEEN MANGOED bath melt. This was £3.35 which I actually think is really reasonable for a Lush product as I got 3 uses out of it unlike the bath bombs for example. It comes in a small recetangular block which has Mango engraved on it. This little recetangular wonder smells Devine, so if Mango is one of your favourite scents this one is definitely one for you!

The next bath melt I received was the FLOATING ISLAND bath melt. This may seem unpleasant to the eye as it quite frankly just looks like a white blob but I assure you now it’s much more than that. This bath melt does wonders for your skin, it makes the water go all cloudy so the moisturiser in the soap can get to your skin well. What more do you want from a Bath product ay? This was £4.35, so slightly more expensive than the other one but I did get 5 uses out of this one instead of 3.

Both of these products from Lush, I have been more than satisfied with. They have also changed my opinion of Lush to a more positive one; I mean Lush isn’t just all about bath bombs there is a lot more to it.




I also got given a RO’S ARGAN body conditioner, which is basically a moisturiser. This is made with Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and Shea Butter, so it makes your skin amazing basically. As well as this because of all the oils in this, it hasn’t been artificially scented so it smells really earthy. (Is that word?). Anyway it just smells great, there is no way of describing it really. I only received a tester pot of this so it was probably around the £5 mark but the bigger tubs come in at around £16.50.

All three of these products smell amazing and I can’t wait to finish using them all.

What is your favorite Lush product?


Alex Rooke


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