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Hello m’lovelies,

I wasn’t feeling too well, (the usual headache, sore throat and feeling sick) when I woke up this morning so I didn’t venture into school. Although throughout the day I managed to get myself out of bed to write this post.

I realised a couple of days ago that I haven’t written any beauty or skin related posts at all since February. After thinking about it today I wanted to do a skin care and cover-up of acne, spots and scars. Now my skin has been up and down for months with it being at its worst around Easter time this year. Originally I used to wear drugstore foundations to try and mask my skin but non of them really seemed to work for me. In the last 3-4 months both my mum and I switched to using Bare Minerals make-up. Bare Minerals is mainly powder based foundations and concealers. That not only cover your imperfections but also help heal/treat them with the minerals in them. I have to say my skin has improved although I continue to break out even when wearing the make-up.

The majority of my acne is on my forehead around the t-zone, where I continually get blackheads on and on the side of cheeks by my nose. After reading up about it and testing a few things out most of my spots come from lack of water and a sort of intolerance to dairy. As well as this I suffer from hormonal spots on my chin and around my cheekbones.

The main way I look after my skin is by using the Simple Kind To Skin makeup wipes. These I find are really good for getting off the mass of your makeup without stripping your skin with harsh chemicals. To wash my face I used the Garnier Pure Active face wash. This is really good at opening and getting into the pores to clean them. I usually leave the face wash on my face for a couple of minutes to give it time to get into my pores before washing off. I usually do this twice a day. After washing my face, I go straight a head and use the Garnier Pure Active 24hr spot fighting mosturiser. I only put this on before I go to bed because I find if I try and put it on before my make-up, it tends to make it slide. Never a good thing.

Another thing I do which I have recently started taking again is Teenage Vitamins and Evening Primrose Oil. Both of these tablets help settle my hormones and help with my skin imbalances. But I recommend you talk to pharmacy before starting any of these.

On to make-up, as I said I have always found it hard to buy make-up which covers my skin without it braking out again. After washing my face in the morning I go straight into applying either one or the other primers and sometimes maybe a bit of both. I have the Prime Time primer from Bare Minerals. One is the Oil Control, Anti-Brilliance one which is perfect when my skin is particularly oily that day. The other is the Neutralising primer which I use the most as if helps cover red-ness and pigmentation in the skin.

Today I used both as I wanted to make sure my skin didn’t go oily across my t-zone and on places where I have my spots, but before this I placed a thin layer of the neutralising primer all over my face. The next stage is concealer and I use the Well Rested Concealer in the lightest (I think) shade. This concealer is supposed to be used under the eyes to hide dark circles but I find that it works brilliantly as an all round concealer. I use the Bare Minerals Concealer Brush to apply this to my skin.
As you can see, the concealer really does make a difference.

Next I use the Original powered Foundation in the shade light-golden. I use the Bare Minerals flawless face brush to apply this. For best results tip a small amount into the lid of the pot and buff the powder onto your face.

After I use the Bourjois Paris, Bronzing Powder and Highlighter. Now I find when I contour my face it distracts the attention away from my spots. The colours in this pallet are perfect for my skin tone. I use the bronzing powder in a three, mainly just under my cheekbone to add definition and then under my jawline and above on my fore-head. Then I use the highlighting powder just above my cheekbone, on my nose (as it make it look smaller) and on my cupid’s bow (the lines under your nose and above your lips).

Blusher, blusher is one of my favourite make-up products. It really adds a natural glow and a healthy look to my face. This blusher is the Nars blusher in the shade Orgasm. I apply this to the apple of my cheek.

Then I apply my eye make-up. I use the Maybelline, three step eyeshadow in Almond Satin. To apply this I used a soft eyeshadow brush. I really like this look as it creates a soft smokey eye, with more hints of pink.

For mascara, I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I really like this mascara as it really darkens and volumise my lashes.

For my eyebrows I use the Maybelline Brow Shape eyebrow pencil in dark blonde. To blend I use a brush to help get the right shape.

To finish of my everyday make-up, I like to use my Maybellime Colour Sensational lipstick in the shade 630 Velvet Beige. Not only is this a gorgeous colour, it also smells devine too.

Setting my make-up is very important. For this I use the Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil and to top it off, I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. Both these products put together really help my makeup throughout the day.


Anyone with acne, spots or scars, I really recommend Bare Minerals as not only do they cover well, they still let the skin breath and heal. As you saw in one of the first pictures my skin isn’t at it’s best but it gives you a clear example of how the make-up works. This post did take a lot of courage to post considering the trouble I had at the weekend but I feel it needs to be shared. Wearing make-up to enhance natural beauty is what it’s therefore, it’s not just to cover spots and other stuff.

Lots of Love,

A x


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