Norfolk Lavender Goodies

Whenever I go to Norfolk on holiday I end up purchasing so many goodies. Whilst I was at Norfolk Lavender I purchased three of their products. I bought their Lavender Bath Fizz, the Lavender Body Scrub and a miniature Lavender Soap. The packaging and how dainty all of the products are really drew me in. Also I just love Lavender!

The Lavender Bath Fizz was £3.99 which isn’t much different from your Lush bath bombs except this one was made from all natural ingredients and includes the oils from their home grown lavender. The bath fizz created the most relaxing bath ever as the steam filled the room with the most beautiful aroma. The same can be said for the body scrub which was originally £8.99 but is reduced to £2.99. The soap however is probably one of my favourites as it was £1.25 and the perfect size for my bathroom sink. All of the products create a beautiful lavender smell which is so relaxing.

All of the products can be bought on the website so you don’t have to make a trip up to Norfolk just to get some; although I would definitely recommend it. To read my post on my Top 10 Places to Visit in Norfolk click here now.

Here are some of my favourite products on the website besides the few I purchased..

Stress Gel – £3.50

Lavender Candle – £7.99

Lavender Reed Diffuser – £19.99




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