Shirt – Cheap Monday – £50 Bralet – Zara – £5.99 (sale) Trousers – Newlook – £19.99 Trainers – Reebok – £59.95   More photos from my Androgyny themed shoot with Hannah Whitehouse Photography. Feel free to go and follow her account on Instagram and Facebook – @hanwphotography.

Pixi Beauty have kindly sent me a few of their new products to try and I am really excited about them. This time I have received there new Lip and Cheek products. They have just launched their new GelTint & SilkGloss duos in the shades; BeachTint and FreshGloss, PinkTint and PrettyGloss and finally BerryTint and SweetGloss. These are all priced at £14 each, however if you sign up with your email address for updates you will receive 10% off your order. The GelTint is a lip stain in three different colours orange, hot pink and a dark nude. The SilkGloss are in the shades brown-y nude, pale pink shimmer and a light berry gloss. These combinations are the perfect colours for the summer and I love the how vibrant they all are. If you are going to wear both the lip tint and the gloss I would recommend leaving the tint… View Post

What is Modern Androgyny? Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. For this photography shoot we captured a typically male posture with gender-fluid clothing such as smart trousers, trainers and a more feminine top. This shoot has our own twist to the meaning of the word ‘Androgyny’ which is why the word modern has been placed in front as it is a more current up to date fashion trend which has been brought in, mixing male and female fashion together. This outfit is one of my favourites to wear at the moment as it is so easy to wear yet super stylish. The bralet, I recently purchased in the Zara sale which was a bargain item that’s now taken pride place in my wardrobe. Link below if you are interested! The trousers I have had in my wardrobe… View Post

Where I am currently studying my A-levels we have a prom every year to celebrate our achievements and to say goodbye to the year above who have just finished their exams. For Prom this year I wore the Satin Fit and Flare Dress in Coral from Oasis, which is not my usual place that I would normally buy my clothes or occasion wear but they have some really nice statement pieces on their website at the moment if you are interested. This dress was originally £60 but is now reduced to £25 in the sale! After last years prom of wearing a tight fitted maxi dress, I decided I wanted to go for something completely different. What caught my eye the most about this dress is that it has pockets which is not something I’ve seen in a occasion dress before, meaning I was really excited to have this unique… View Post

For Christmas 2016 one of my presents was tickets to go and see Adele in her most recent tour. On Wednesday we headed up to Wembley Stadium at 3pm however due to traffic on the road we didn’t make it up to Wembley until 6 o’clock so by that time all of the restaurants were full and the queues were ridiculous. Despite that we thought we’d be better off getting in to the arena and then grabbing a bite to eat indoors. However, we were so wrong. Outside the arena we had to make our way to our gate, gate E which was a disaster. There was no organization at our gate or outside the arena which meant that instead of queuing in lines, everyone was just in one massive crowd. People were jumping the queue and trying to push through the crowd to get to different places around the… View Post