Pixi Glow Summer Treats

My favourites at Pixi Beauty have kindly sent me four of their summer essential products and I super excited to share them with you. Pixi is one of my favourite ever make-up/skincare brands as they are cruelty free and have an awesome PR team. Let’s get our #PixiGlow on!

The lovelies at Pixi Beauty have sent me the ‘Quick Fix Powder’ which has no-colour and is completely translucid. This was a blessing to receive in the post the other day as I was desperate for a translucent setting powder for my holiday. This ‘Quick Fix Powder’ is definitely one of my summer essentials as setting your make-up is probably my most important step, especially in the summer. Even though I won’t be going anywhere hot for my holiday I will be still be needing a setting powder to stop my make-up from sliding in the wind. The ‘Quick Fix Powder’ is available of the website for £18.

The next product I was sent was the ‘Nourishing Lip Polish’ which is my favourite product out of the four. This balm contains shea butter, apricot and grapefruit oils which are perfect for moisturising your lips. The tip of the applicator has bumps on the surface to create extra circulation to give a plumped effect. So if you wanna look like Kim K or Kylie J and don’t fancy lip fillers, this product is for you. The ‘Nourishing Lip Polish’ is perfect for keeping your lips hydrated through sun, wind and cold temperatures.  This is also available on the website for £14.

I was also sent the ‘Multibalm’ in the shade ‘Baby Petal’ which can be used on both your lips and your cheeks to add that little bit of colour in summer. This is a beautiful shade which is perfect for my skin tone and is definitely a summer essential for taking away on holiday with you as you have a blush and lip tint in one product. Alos if you have lazy days like me where you really can’t be bothered to do a full face I can slip this on my cheeks and lips so I look a little less dead, you know? This two-in-one product is only £12.

And last but not least I was sent their make-up setting spray which personally I think is a make-up essential not just as summer one, as no one wants their make-up to start sliding off half way through the day. The ‘Make-up Fixing Mix’ is £16 and can be found here. I have already been previously sent this product by Pixi Beauty and I was thrilled when I received another as I was close to finishing my existing bottle. The ‘Make-up Fixing Mist’ is very easy to use simply spray over you face after applying make-up around four times focusing on the T-zone or areas which are likely to slide to the most during the day. I also like to use this spray when I apply my foundation by spraying the fixing mist onto my beauty blender to dampen it and help my foundation stick to my face for a prolonged period of time.

If you sign up for the Pixi Beauty newsletter you will received 10% off your first order and any order over £35 will receive free delivery so get shopping!




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      I’ve never tried to the Lush one what is it called?

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