Sweeter than you

Hello m’lovelies,
As you probably all know it’s only four days till Christmas and everyone is getting a little bit excited. On Friday I broke up from school and went to Niamh’s house, as she was having an end of term sleepover/party. She had organised a secret Santa for everyone, although it wasn’t very secret because we all knew who had who and what we had got nearer the time. Still fun though. From my lovely friend Hannah (wordpress) I got a Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour Nail Varnish in the colour Pink Lemonade. This nail varnish is absolutely gorgeous and the colour is very my style. Although the back of the bottle says one coat, I would recommend you do two or three as the colour is quite light and with more coats it builds up the colour. What’s also good about this nail varnish is that it dries quick, in less than 50 seconds, with makes it quick and easy to use but also lets you do more coats with out the hassle of waiting forever for each layer to dry. I love the colour and I would definitely recommend this brand to all you lovely people.


Also from Hannah, I got a L’Oréal Paris Lipstick. It’s a collection exclusive by Julianne and it’s in Color Riche, Julianne’s Nude. This colour is very similar to the nail varnish colour even though they are different brands. This lipstick is easy to apply but I would recommend using a lip balm or Vaseline on first, if your lips are a little bit dry. Not only does the lipstick look great, it also smells great too. Have you ever had the sweets Palma Violets? Well it smells like that; it is heavenly.


Whilst we are on the top of make-up, I might as well include my new eyebrow pencil and foundation. I’ve been looking for a blonde eyebrow pencil for as long as I can imagine and last week Niamh bought me one as an early Christmas present. It is a Constance Carroll UK, Eyebrow Pencil in 3 Blonde. Now I think this is the darkest blonde they do, as she choice this as I kept going on about how I wanted more definition and colour to my eyebrows. I would definitely recommend this eyebrow pencil as I think it was quite cheap. I don’t know the prices of these items as they were gifts but I’m sure if you googled them you could find them quite easily.

I also last weekend bought a new foundation, it’s a Miss Sporty one, like my last one. It’s there So Clear Anti-Spot foundation and I got it in 002 Medium. This probably wasn’t the best decision as the shop light made it look a lot lighter than it was but I mix it with my So Matte foundation and it works a treat. I don’t always mix my foundations but in this case it works best for me.

Anyway I may be doing a post after Christmas, to share with you what I got also to see what you guys got my Christmas.

But until next time,


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