Another Lush post in a row, aren’t you lucky? I think my obsession with Lush products is getting unhealthy and very soon I will have to take out a mortgage to continue with it. I jumped on the Lush Easter bandwagon a little late so I unfortunately missed out on quite a few of the products but I did manage to get my hands of both of these. I picked up the Bunch Of Carrots bubble bar and the Bouncy Bunny shower jelly. The Bunch Of Carrots bubble bar have been in store for quite a while now but they are something I couldn’t wait try. They hold the typical smell of Lush products but are scented with lemon and grapefruit oil. However the Bouncy Bunny shower jelly is completely different to what I’m used to from a Lush product. This shower jelly doesn’t hold a typical Lush scent as it… View Post

I am a Lush fanatic. I can not get enough! Every time I go into a Lush store, I can’t help but fork out for more wonderful products. The other week I went to London on the hunt of prom dresses we ended up going into the Lush on Oxford Street as well. The first question I asked myself was why has it taken me this long to visit this store? If you think your local Lush store is heaven you have not seen anything yet. The Oxford Street Lush has three floors and is filled from floor to ceiling with amazing products, that you can’t find in most local, small stores. These excusive products are just incredible and if you go you must try and get your hands on some. Unfortunately when I went it was extremely busy so I didn’t manage to get my hands on any of… View Post

I love Lush. Always have done, always will do. They have every holiday and season sorted with themed bath bombs and shower gels. I’m not saying Valentine’s Day is exactly a holiday but it is something lots of people look forward to. All Lush products are highly aesthetically pleasing but the new Valentine’s collection really caught my attention due to it’s gorgeous, vibrant colours. I mean who isn’t completely drawn in by everything pink and exciting?     Unicorn Horn: When it first got announced that the Unicorn Horn was being brought back for Valentine’s Day both my sister and I were absolutely ecstatic. We both adored this bubble bar as it smells similar to the comforter and snow fairy. What’s not to love ay? Also it’s shaped into a Unicorn Horn (hence the name) and is covered in glitter. Simply crumble or hold under the tap to create sparkly… View Post

I have been meaning to do a post on these beauty products for so long now I can’t even explain my excitement. For Christmas 2015 my wonderful Nanna bought me the Anastasia Beverley Hills Original Contour Kit in Light-Medium and The Illuminator in the shade Riviera. This highlighter/illuminator is in a gorgeous rose gold shimmery shade which is just divine. As my skin has yellow undertones it works perfectly to not only add a highlight but also some pinky blush tones to my face. I guess you can say this also doubles up as a blusher for me. To apply this illuminator I use either an arched powder brush or a tapered brush depending on how harsh I want the highlight to be. This illuminator was $28 which worked out at around £20. I love this highlighter but considering the price it’s not something I wear everyday. The Original Contour Kit in Light-Medium is… View Post

My first Birchbox of the year has arrived and as soon as it did I couldn’t wait to post about it. When this box arrived I didn’t really know what I was expecting as my last package with in the form of a bag. This is my first official Birchbox in fact and I think I have 3 more boxes to come after this one. For this box, Birchbox teamed with Pinterest to support the ‘Best Year Ever’ aka 2016. Inside this beautifully designed box, I received a booklet explaining all the products which I received, 5 adorable postcards and a drawstring bag filled with sample products.       #NOfilter Birchbox Mirror – This is such a cute handy little pocket mirror that I will constantly carry in my make-up bag from now on. I have been meaning to get a pocket mirror for a while now as it… View Post