Hello m’lovelies, I wanted to share with you this weekend my recent purchases but I haven’t been able to take any photos of them, so I will do that for you next weekend. So today I went to Bluewater with my Mum and my Sister. We went into the Body Shop and we got some seriously good deals. We got the peach shower gel and the cranberry shower gel in this set. I love the peach shower gel as it smells so fresh and gorgeous. It refreshes your skin and feels really lovely. The same applies for the cranberry although it doesn’t make your skin feel as refreshed as it’s quite a wintry smell, but overall both very good products. So we got the two body butters, the passion fruit one and the raspberry body butter. These are my favourite body butters because they purely smell amazing. Apply the body… View Post

Hello m’lovelies, I thought I would squeeze in one last post before I return to the usual routine of school and tons of homework. Okay, well yesterday I went shopping with my best friend to Crawley and for those of you who follow my instagram (@alex.rooke) would of already seen. Slogans have always been the ‘in’ thing but this season there seems to be a lot more of them around. Every store seems to have a few more. My first slogan item is this adorable baby pink clutch bag from Miss Selfridge. I adore or should I say j’adore these bags, they are to die for. They complete ANY look. Could be perfectly paired with a little black dress or just jeans and a crop top, either way this would look gorgeous. I really liked this one as the slogan sums up your feelings towards the product. Another one of… View Post

Hello m’lovelies, Oh look it’s New Years Eve already, can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I have an awful lot to post at the moment and I have so many up and coming ideas for new blog posts so I apologise if I spam you with them. I went Ice Skating at the Brighton Pavilion and it was rather stunning. If you follow my instagram (@alex.rooke) you would of seen the photos. Lush has always and will forever will be my favourite bath and beauty brand. i have been meaning to do a Lush Haul for a while now but when ever I buy some bath bombs I use the before I photograph them. So for Christmas I asked for some Lush stuff that I haven’t necessarily tried before.All of Lush’s goodies smell gorgeous and the store can sometimes be overwhelming but I would definitely recommend you pop… View Post

Hello m’lovelies, As you probably all know it’s only four days till Christmas and everyone is getting a little bit excited. On Friday I broke up from school and went to Niamh’s house, as she was having an end of term sleepover/party. She had organised a secret Santa for everyone, although it wasn’t very secret because we all knew who had who and what we had got nearer the time. Still fun though. From my lovely friend Hannah (wordpress) I got a Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour Nail Varnish in the colour Pink Lemonade. This nail varnish is absolutely gorgeous and the colour is very my style. Although the back of the bottle says one coat, I would recommend you do two or three as the colour is quite light and with more coats it builds up the colour. What’s also good about this nail varnish is that it dries quick,… View Post